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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday | Precious Baby

My Son...

You're so precious to me, sweet as can be...Baby of mine..

When you are born, you never came with instructions, I know I have made some mistakes along the way and for the perfect parent, but I have always done the best I could. The mistakes I have made came from a lack of understanding, not a lack of love because from the moment you are born into my live, I knew I would love you with all I am. On the day you are born I looked into your eyes and all my dreams come true. I love you more than you will ever know, now and for all eternity.

 First we had each other, then we had you..now we have everything..

I am a proud parent, I am sharing this on my blog because my son mean the world to me and no matter what, I will always love him and be proud of him

To my son, I love you so...you are so special, I hope you know with every day  that passes by, you're more the twinkle in my eye, So loving..so giving, a heart of gold always my baby, even when I'm old. Your love shines through for all to see, I feel so proud you are a part of me.

 You are Awesome..don't forget it...

I love you so much my baby...

Thank you Allah..

#Place : Pantai Merdeka, Sungai Petani Kedah


mama tisya said...

cpt dh beso ank ko kn..rs mcm baru je lg baby2

Dee said...

muka ayah dia lah..tp version putih mcm zue..hihihi..

Anum said...


el said...

perghhh sekali omputeh n3 hang
seganlah iols nk kwn ngan org pandai skiping ni...hakhakhakhak

pic 3 org atas katil i luv it so much so spontaneouslah hehehe

last pic cam irfan kena paksa je huhu

+ e.z + said...

love the last bite... yummy... ;p

QasehnyaRania said...

so sweet.ada iras babah dia la

mamaarifakeemaisy said...

Pandai posing tongkat dagu :-)

lieyalatif said...

comel gile pic last tu zura...walaupun kelihatan maknye terlalu excited dan anak bujangnye takut2 hahaahahaha....

pic first lieya suke gak...nampak hensem jek irfan ...mcm dah teruna besar jek dok merenung mase depan...auwwww

wantie said...

picture irfan tengok baba dia tu sweet la. hangtengokke mana tu? hahahaha....

Gieyana said...

Jauh irfan merenung..last puc tu nmpak trademark hg besaq tul! Kahhh..:p

Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...


tu la beb..
ak pon mcm tk sgka je
cpt masa blalu..
rindu plak masa dia bb

Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...


ye ke Dee?
ada kata mcm zura
then mcm Opah dia pon ada..hehe

Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...



Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...


amboi..hg pon sll skiping dh skrg
perli ak konon.

ak bkn terror pon speaking..
ni semua quotes la..hehe..

i pun likeeee so pic no 3 tu...suka ai taw..spontan anak n bapak..

pic last tu mmg irfan kena paksa, lgpon dia nk berlari jek..huu

Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...


thks darling

Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...


ada yg kata iras baba..
ada iras mama..hikss

Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...


dia ikut mama dia la..
mama dia tongkat dagu..
dia pun buat..

Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...


pic last tu..ak la tk bleh blah, hover ko..irfan nk lari masa ni, tk larat mak kejar..huhu..

hahaha..pic 1st tu, baba dia candid, irfan mmg susah sket nk amik gmbr..hehe

Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...


mmg sweet kan..
ak tgk camera la..
ak tk dak geng..haha

Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...


mmg jauh dia merenung..
tgk laut yg luas terbentang..hehe

kurang asam tul..
lama tk nmpk trademark ak kan!